Now that the HOT summer real estate season is coming to a close you may be asking yourself if it’s too late to put your home on the market. The answer is no, it’s not too late. The fall is the second busiest season for home buying. Kids are back in school, the 100+ degree temperatures are dropping, and there is a break from the holidays. Plus as the trees explode with autumn color your home will look great!

Here are a few tips for selling your home during the Fall Season;

1. Keep your Yard Clean

Leaves are dropping and annual flowers are losing their bloom-keep your lawn in tip-top shape and cut back any overgrown bushes so the natural light can showcase your home.

2. Set the Mood for Fall

Plant fall flowers with vibrant marigolds and pretty mums, highlight the fireplace for brisk nights and accent your home with autumn colors. Get prospective buyers thinking about cozy nights in their new home.

3.  Turn on the Lights

The sun is setting earlier as we move into fall. When a showing is scheduled for the late afternoon or evenings turn on all the lights to showcase your home. If the buyer thinks your house is dark they are less likely to take in the great details of your home.

4. Check the HVAC

The heat has been off all summer make sure your home is fresh and warm by replacing filers and make sure everything is in proper working order. Your buyers will have the home inspector do this anyway; you might as well have the report ready for inspection.

5. Make Your House Smell Like Home

Make your home smell like autumn sweets with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, cranberries, and cinnamon or even simple vanilla. Buyers experience houses with all their senses, by adding classic homey smells you can make their experience in your home even sweeter.

These simple steps can help make a buyers decision easier. A few reminders of home and holidays to come can sell your house faster so the buyers can be in their new home before winter sets in.